Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 4 - Ishiteji

August 23, 2013 - Today, I woke up early because a neighbor, named Yuzuhachan, came over to bike with me to school to show me the way. My Okaasan and I waited outside for her to arrive and Chokochan came out to greet us! :) Yuzuhachan came and we started biking which was so beautiful!! I felt like I was in a Miyazaki movie. :) I tried talking with her on the way there, but we couldn't understand each other very well. It was nice just biking in silence, looking at the scenery. Afterwards, I got picked up from school (it officially starts the second of September), and my Okaasan and I went to Ojiichan's house to go to Iyoshi's office to sign some paperwork for my stay here. Afterwards, my mom went home and I went with Ojiichan to Matsuyama City and spent the day with him! He took me to a big building where we rode the elevator up to the top floor into a big classroom. He told me that I was going to be helping to teach an English class, which was complete news to me! I sat down and waited as three other adults walked in, as did the English teacher who spoke excellent English. The class was just four adults, me, and the teacher. They each had picked American names and had written them on name tags, from left to right it was: Jane, Jack (Ojiichan), Nick, and Kenny, and the sensei's American name was June. I sat in class with them for about two hours, helping them practice their English, as well as learning to write a few words in Hiragana and Katakana. It helped talking with the teacher, since she spoke both languages fluently, so I was able to ask her some questions that I was confused about.

Afterwards, Ojiichan and I went to a pottery making and painting store where he let me pick a cup then paint on it; you get to pick it up in a few weeks. I'll post a picture of it, once I get it back. After that he took me to Ishite temple, and I got to light a candle and make a wish. I also rang a huge huge gong, which was so hilarious to me how loud it was. On the way home, we stopped by an old friend of Ojiichan's and she was so sweet. She gave me orange juice as a present and kept hitting me saying that I was beautiful hahahaha; she was so nice. :) For dinner, Ojiichan took me to a sushi restaurant where you would sit down and the sushi would rotate around and you would pick up and grab anything that you saw! Ojiichan was so funny and kept making jokes of my faces when I was trying the sushi. Then, we went grocery shopping before going home. Since I don't really have a grandfather, Ojiichan's like the one I never had. I get along with him really well, so I'm really happy! Thankfully, when I returned home, my iPad's Internet was working. So right now it's not the 23rd, but I'm catching up to today's date soon!

Also my uniform for school came today!

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